About Us

Our Vision

AnalyticsBuffet’s vision is to leverage analytics and visualization to assist better understanding of information for users without having much technical background.

We are a Vancouver-based startup providing state of the art web application analytics tools. Our focus is on software development analytics, providing solutions for small to large enterprises.

Easy to Use

Our analytics platforms are software as a service (SaaS) solutions that offer web-based services without the need to deploy sophisticated applications.


Our products generate reports backed by many different visualizations techniques tailored to the application domain.

Easy to Understand

We provide automatically generated textual reports to help better understanding of the data and visualization.

Automated Services

We propose automated services meaning that all analytics, solutions, and recommendations are done automatically.

Partners and Supporters


Our first analytics product is an automated analysis and testing tool for web applications, that will save software testing costs and provide automated solutions.

We believe that using our integrated solution helps in reducing testing and debugging time during software development life cycle.

Test Analytics

User interface test analytics helps in detecting flaky tests and also creating defect reports.

Test Generation

Automatic user interface functional test generation significantly reduces the time and effort for writing UI tests.

Debug Assistance

Debug assistance tool helps in detecting the root cause of a user interface test failure.

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